2019 Recital!

The Recital will run on Saturday, June 1st at St Clements School

21 St Clements Ave, Toronto, ON M4G 1G8

Junior Recital will Begin at 11AM. Dancers will be asked to arrive no later than 10:20AM.

Junior Recital includes: Saturday Ballet for Tots, Saturday Dance Readiness, Saturday Jazz Basics, Monday Ballet I, Monday Dance Readiness, Wednesday Dance Readiness, Monday Ballet II/III, Saturday Senior Dance Readiness, Wednesday Jazz and Monday Tap/Jazz.

Senior Recital will Begin at 2PM. Dancers will be asked to arrive no later than 1:20PM.

Senior Recital includes: Ballet Advanced, Saturday Ballet II/III, Hip Hop, Acro, Hip Hop/Tap Advanced, Lyrical, and Solo’s.

If you are unsure as to which recital your child is in, do not hesitate to ask before class time.

For Recital, please come dressed in body suit and tights. It is recommended that ‘less is better’ when packing for the recital, as often times if stuff is mislabelled or isn’t labeled it can go home with the wrong owner. York School of Dance is not responsible for any lost items, please label your dancers stuff. 

This year we will be running a Dress Rehearsal at St Clements School on Wednesday, May 29th, 2019, in which the students will have a chance to do a stage run through.

Junior Recital will run from 5:30PM - 6:15PM

*Note: Ballet for Tots will not attend Dress Rehearsal

Senior Recital will run from 6:15PM - 7:30PM

For the Dress Rehearsal, parent’s are asked to stay on the premises, either in the lobby or front steps, as parent’s are urged to not enter the theatre. We run it youngest to oldest, as youngest students will be dismissed first. 

For the Dress Rehearsal your child can come in regular street clothes, but is asked to bring appropriate dance shoe wear.